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Dumars going dealing? October 25, 2010

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Pistons President Joe Dumars / Photo via Clarence Tabb, Jr., The Detroit News

It’s no secret the Pistons have long been trying to make trades to improve the team. Even guard Richard Hamilton and forward Tayshaun Prince, holdovers from the championship glory days earlier this decade, have been on the table.

Pistons President Joe Dumars recently told The Detroit News he’s “comfortable” with the current roster, but not “content.”

Pure logic would have the Pistons trade one of the myriad of wing players they have on the roster, (i.e. Hamilton or Prince to free up playing time for star guard Ben Gordon and newcomer Tracy McGrady), to fill holes in the post, especially with the injury to forward Jonas Jerebko.

But as Dumars told The Detroit News, he won’t pull the trigger on a deal unless it clearly benefits the team. So unless such a trade falls in his lap, the Pistons may stand pat for the foreseeable future.


Refs ready to “T” it up this season October 17, 2010

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Richard Hamilton will have to tone down the whining this season, and he knows it. Photo via Robin Buckson / The Detroit News

This year, the NBA front office has instituted a much stronger technical foul policy.

The new rules are partly aimed at curbing players’ arguments and complaints toward referees. NBA officials want to clean up the league’s image as the major sport with the players who arguably whine the most.

But the NBA Players’ Association thinks the stricter rules and fines take it way too far. Ben Wallace says it will cut off healthy communication between players and referees.

I don’t know how this will shake out between players and refs, but at least part of me is glad the Pistons no longer have perennial technical foul champion Rasheed Wallace on the team. (I love you Rasheed, but you know it’s true, Mr. All-Time NBA Leader in Technical Fouls.)

On the other hand, we do still have Richard Hamilton.

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